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Instructions Following Soft Tissue Grafting

Anesthetic: You were numbed today for this procedure, so please wait until the numbing wears off before chewing, eating, or drinking. Please wait before ingesting anything hot especially, so you don’t run the risk of burning the inside of your mouth (2-2.5 hours).

Eating and Drinking: Once the numbing is gone, please stick to a soft diet only. For the first 24 hours, stick to foods such as yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. Make sure to only chew on the opposite side of your mouth, and be very careful around the site when you are using utensils. Also avoid any peroxide, alcohol, carbonated beverages, and drinking through a straw during this duration as well. While it may be difficult to chew, be sure to still eat all three well rounded meals because you will feel better, gain strength, have less discomfort, and heal faster.

Brushing and Flossing: Do not brush, floss, or rinse 24 hours after your surgery. You may begin brushing and flossing the next day but avoid the whole quadrant of the surgery site completely, until otherwise instructed by Dr. Obeid. If you would like to rinse, you may but only use alcohol free mouth wash, which is what Dr. Obeid always recommends. You will not brush or floss in that quadrant for one month while the site heals, it is going to be covered by a dressing.

Smoking: If you are a smoker; do not smoke for two to three weeks following the surgery. This can greatly compromise the healing process of the site and can impact the results in a negative way. If you can stop smoking for two to three weeks, this might be a great time to quit smoking all together!

Rest and Recovery: Plan to stay and rest at home for the remainder of the day after your surgery. When you are sleeping, or lying down, elevate your head to help decrease swelling and bleeding. For the next week or so, refrain from any exercise or strenuous activity to lessen the chance of excessive bleeding or swelling.

Dressing: The dressing that was placed on your surgical site is a hard clay-like material that should stay on your site for at least three weeks. If it comes off before that time, please call the office. You will either have to have Dr. Obeid place the dressing back on if it hasn’t been enough time, or he will evaluate and decide if your area has healed enough to leave it off.

Stitches: The stitches are placed under your dressing between your teeth. These stitches will dissolve on their own so you will not need to come back to the office to have these removed, unless otherwise instructed.

Bleeding: The day of the surgery there may be some bleeding but not much to worry about. Resting and taking it easy at home will help prevent any additional bleeding. If there is a lot of bleeding a few days after the procedure, please call our office.

Discomfort: It is completely normal to feel some discomfort for a few days after your tissue grafting procedure. This feeling could last up to a week after your appointment, but should subside shortly after that. For any pain that you feel, you may take over the counter drugs such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen (Tylenol), etc., unless prescribed a specific medication to take for pain. If over the counter medication is not helping with your pain, please call our office so we can do our best to accommodate you and make you comfortable.

Swelling: It is possible there could be swelling at the surgical site, and this is nothing to be alarmed of. To help with the soreness, you may place a warm towel on the area and that should help relieve some of the pain. If there is swelling at the site for longer than five days, please call our office so we can take a look.

Antibiotics: You may have been prescribed antibiotics to take after this procedure to help with infection control at the surgical site.  It is important that you follow the instructions set forth by Dr. Obeid regarding your medication, and that you complete the ENTIRE bottle of antibiotics to surely fight off any chance of infection.

Peeking: As tempting as it may be to look at your surgery, please avoid trying to peek. Any pulling of the cheek or lifting of the gum may compromise the healing and could cause additional bleeding at the site.

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