We are proud to announce that we now offer the latest in laser dentistry here at Oakridge Dental.  Dr. Obeid recently purchased two diode lasers so we can provide the very best care for our patients.


Diode lasers produce light energy beams that can attack and remove harmful bacteria in a person’s mouth.  Our diode lasers are employed in soft tissue procedures that produce improved results for patients with periodontal disease.

They can also be an added benefit to your general dental cleaning.  We use them for many other procedures as well such as ; tooth desensitizing, cold sores, gum tissue contouring and more.

Lasers are highly accurate, more thorough, less harmful, and faster than traditional invasive treatments.  They leave little bacteria behind and provide more comprehensive care.

What are Diode Dental Lasers?

Laser dental technology describes the lasers employed by dentists in surgeries.  The lasers use thin beams of energy and light during surgery.  The new technology promotes  cleaner, faster, and highly accurate dental treatments.

Specific diode lasers employed at Dr. Obeid’s  office are employed in soft tissue procedures.  Diode lasers are changing the way dentists fight periodontal (gum) disease for patients.

The new laser treatments don’t leave bacteria remnants behind, they are very precise, safer than conventional treatments, and more effective.

What are Diode Lasers Used For?

Dr. Obeid uses laser dental technology to fight gum disease.  Diode dental lasers can remove tooth decay and help you fight the onset of gum disease or decay.  Lasers limit discomfort and sensitivity that might be experienced with traditional treatments.

Laser surgery can be applied to a variety of soft tissue procedures that enhance dental health.

Is Laser Surgery Safe?

Laser surgery is very safe.  The advanced surgery actually limits and eliminates the use of dental anesthetics.  With less medication involved, this reduces any other risks.

The surgery is safe enough that it diminishes patient discomfort, expedites recovery time, and there’s less bleeding associated.  The innovative technology enables a better patient experience at the dentist.

Other Questions?

If you have more detailed questions about diode laser technology, feel free to call us at 248-652-1100.   You can even schedule a consultation with Dr. Obeid  to find out how our practice invests in the newest technology.