Cosmetic Dentistry

Oakridge Dental Center provides cosmetic dentistry for you and your entire family. Our experienced team offers cosmetic procedures for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is simply to improve your appearance so you feel confident showing your radiant smile to the world. You might also need our cosmetic dentistry services following accidents or sports injuries, to correct malformed facial bones and crooked teeth that could lead to health complications, or to replace teeth lost due to periodontal disease.


Following is a brief description of some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we perform:

  • iStock_000019706781_XXXLargeTooth whitening. White teeth are one of the most common goals of cosmetic dentistry. It is common for teeth to become discolored by tobacco or coffee or simply from aging. We use peroxide bleaching compounds to noticeably lighten the color of your teeth, either with a take-home kit you use yourself or with in-office treatments that we complete over a series of visits.
  • Veneers. A specialized lab makes porcelain veneers based on molds, color matches, and measurements made in our office. Veneers are permanently cemented in place to cover cracks and chips in existing teeth, to bridge gaps between teeth, and to cover teeth that have been discolored by prescription drugs, tobacco or coffee. Application of veneers requires an office visit for initial consultation and measurements, followed by another visit when the veneers come back from the lab.
  • Bonding. This is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic dentistry procedure that is often completed in a single office visit. Bonding involves the use of a plastic resin that is matched to the natural color of your teeth to repair teeth that are cracked, chipped or discolored. We can also use bonding to reduce the apparent gaps between teeth.

We also offer additional cosmetic dentistry services:

Call us at Oakridge Dental Center to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentistry experts. We will arrange a preliminary visit to discuss your oral health and cosmetic concerns and to plan the best way to achieve the results you desire. Our team is also available on an emergency basis to help restore your dental health and beautiful appearance in the event of accidents and injuries.

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