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It is perfectly normal for teeth to darken over time, which is why procedures such as the KOR whitening system are needed to maintain a nice bright smile.  Even brushing teeth regularly over the years can contribute to a decline in their appearance, as it is necessarily an abrasive process. While it is true that natural adult teeth can never be made to quite look as white as younger teenage teeth can be, with the right process it is possible to get very close.  You also need not worry about ending up with that ultra-fake look you sometimes see on TV, which is usually the intentional result of different treatments. Natural teeth will always look natural, even when they are white and natural thanks to the KOR whitening process.

There are many teeth whitening products out there, but you will probably only achieve the results you want using a comprehensive professional whitening process. At the Oakridge Dental Center we recommend the KOR whitening system, which has been demonstrated to achieve longlasting deep cleaning of the teeth, resulting in a superior smile. It is a proven process, involving an initial whitening at our office, and the design of a custom set of trays for your teeth. These trays are used at home together with the KOR whitening gel to continue the whitening process. Once this is complete, you return to our office to have a protective sealant applied to the surface of your teeth, in order to prevent future staining.

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Before KOR Whitening
After KOR Whitening

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Before KOR Whitening
After KOR Whitening

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Before KOR Whitening
After KOR Whitening
The trays are clear and have some flexibility, making them comfortable to wear while still ensuring the whitening gel remains in contact with your teeth.  They are specially designed with reservoirs to hold any excess gel. The KOR whitening system achieves deep cleaning, as the oxidizing compound is absorbed into your teeth, where it bleaches and cleans, removing microscopic debris that has accumulated within the teeth. The trays are best worn overnight, as it is crucial to ensure the gel has enough contact time to do its work. Before inserting your trays, it is important that you thoroughly brush your teeth.  Otherwise your saliva will quickly deposit a coating over your teeth, which will reduce the effectiveness of the KOR whitening process.

Once you have completed the at-home process, you return to our office to have your teeth sealed. This is important because the KOR whitening gel actively removes debris from within the structure of your teeth, making it all too easy for new stains to set in.  By sealing the teeth, you can continue to enjoy things like coffee and wine without concern.

If you would like to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile using the KOR whitening system, our expert team can help. Let the Oakridge Dental Center give you the bright, white, natural smile you have always wanted.


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