Digital X-Rays

At Oakridge Dental Center, we are proud to inform you we offer the latest in dental technology. Our unique and up-to-date methods allow our patients to receive effective dental treatment without pain. Even our dental X-rays are advanced and more convenient.

Making a Difference with Digital X-rays

Patients have always been concerned about radiation when it comes to conventional dental X-rays. Also, patients have to wait until the film is developed. To offer prompt and safe service, Oakridge Dental Center offers high-tech digital X-rays.

What Makes Digital X-rays Better?

Digital radiography is similar to traditional dental X-ray. But there are differences in the technology. A sensor is inserted in the mouth to capture images of the teeth. This sensor is electronic and connected to a computer. Once we take the X-ray, we can view the image on a computer screen without wasting time.

There are other benefits to using digital radiography in dentistry. Some of these are as follows:

Reduced Radiation Levels: The main advantage of this technology is reduced radiation compared to traditional dental X-ray. According to radiography experts, digital radiography reduces exposure by up to 90 percent compared to traditional dental X-ray. This said, dental X-rays are safe, but if you are worried about radiation or you have to take dental X-rays regularly, digital radiography is the best solution.

Superior Quality Images: Conventional dental X-rays have a single size. This can often pose a problem when viewing the X-rays due to the size. Also, a dentist cannot see all details. On the other hand, digital X-rays can be magnified, so that the dentist can get a better look at the tooth structure and see small and big issues. This lets the dentist offer accurate diagnosis and treatment. And, if necessary, the dentist can easily print the digital image, so that you can have a hard copy.

Eco-Friendly Technology: Digital X-rays are eco-friendly. No chemicals are used to develop the film, hence this technology is better for the environment compared to traditional dental imaging technology.

Less Cumbersome: As the dental X-rays are stored digitally, there is no need to store physical copies of the images. This saves space and also lets the dental practice be more organized. Image storage doesn’t take up valuable space and this leaves more room for latest equipment and gadgets to offer more modern dental treatments to patients.

Dental technology has advanced substantially and dentists are not embracing the latest technology to offer seamless and prompt treatments to patients. At Oakridge Dental Center, we firmly believe in ‘Patient First’ and that is why digital X-rays are a big part of our dental practice. Our modern imaging techniques allow us to diagnose problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye and offer accurate treatment plans.

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