Gum Grafts and Surgeries

Gum recession can occur for a number of reasons, including pre-existing gum disease, over aggressive brushing, or as a result of the anatomy of the mouth making it more likely for some individuals.  Gum recession needs to be evaluated to determine the best course of action. Sometimes a conservative approach involving treating the gum disease may be adequate, as some recession can be tolerated.  However, if teeth roots are exposed and the teeth are weakening, gum grafts and surgeries may be warranted to treat gum recession.  Gum grafts and surgeries are undertaken to protect against damage that can result from receding gums, and they may also improve appearance.

Gum recession is a common and progressive problem.  Often the visual recession of the gums is not noticed as it happens gradually, and it only becomes apparent when tooth sensitivity increases as the roots are exposed. Tooth loss can be the end result if gum recession is not addressed. When you elect to have gum grafts and surgeries at Oakridge Dental Center, we will first thoroughly clean your teeth, including removing all tartar, also known as calculus, and plaque.  A local anesthetic is given to numb the involved areas against pain. The graft tissue may be taken from a donor site, such as the roof of the mouth, or it may be obtained from a tissue bank.  An incision is then made in the gum to receive the graft.  Stitches, or sutures, are used to hold it in place and facilitate healing.

After you have gum grafts and surgeries, the site takes time to heal and you should carefully follow your dental provider’s instructions to ensure this happens as smoothly and quickly as possible. You may also be advised to avoid rigorous exercise during the first week after surgery, as that can promote swelling and bleeding. You won’t be able to brush the affected area, but you can still brush the other parts of your mouth.  You will also want to takes soft foods, and chew using the unaffected part of your mouth. You definitely want to avoid foods that have seeds or other small hard particles as these can get stuck and cause problems. Pain resulting from gum grafts and surgeries can be managed using over-the-counter or prescribed medications.

If receding gums are causing you problems, Oakridge Dental Center can evaluate the situation and provide you with the care you need, including gum grafts and surgeries if necessary.

Instructions Following Soft Tissue Grafts

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