Oral Cancer Screening

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 48,000 new cases of oropharyngeal cancer (cancer of the mouth and throat) are diagnosed each year and almost 10,000 deaths occur annually as a result of the disease. Survival rates are significantly higher for those whose disease is restricted solely to the mouth, which makes oral cancer screenings especially important in identifying cancer in its earliest stages, before it has a chance to spread to the lungs, the stomach or elsewhere. Oakridge Dental Center performs an oral cancer screening during every visit, which is one of the many important reasons to visit at least every six months.

oral cancer screeningWhat is an oral cancer screening?

Oral cancer screenings are simple examinations of the gums, lips, palate, and other soft tissue of the mouth and the back of the throat, which help identify signs, such as white or red patches and rough spots associated with the disease. When a suspicious area is identified, special tests can be performed to determine if cancer cells are present. Further testing and surgeries may be required depending on how advanced the cancer has developed.

How often should I have an oral cancer screening?

You should have an oral cancer screening each time you see the dentist – ideally, at least twice each year during your routine six-month checkup. Patients who are at an increased risk for oral cancer including those who have had oral cancer in the past may need to be evaluated more frequently. If you notice any suspicious areas that are not going away within one week, call Oakridge Dental Center for an appointment.

Schedule an oral cancer screening today.

Oakridge Dental Center is a trusted provider of oral cancer screenings for patients in Rochester Hills and throughout the Greater Detroit region. Our team is skilled in using the most advanced techniques to identify subtle and more advanced signs of oral cancer, so patients can receive the most appropriate intervention as quickly as possible. To learn more about oral cancer screening or to schedule an office visit, call Oakridge Dental Center today at (248) 652-1100 or book an appointment online.


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