Tooth restoration procedures revitalize your smile and maintain your health.  Damaged teeth are a prevalent reason for diminished self-confidence and poor eating habits.  Damaged and sensitive teeth inhibit your ability to maintain a well-rounded diet.  Dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers and other advanced dentistry procedures help you regain your passion for life.  You can smile with abandon and enjoy foods you never thought you would be able to eat again.  Tooth restoration can straighten crooked teeth, improve your bite and remove embarrassing stains. It can repair cracks, broken teeth, stop shifting teeth and improve speech impediments.  Tooth restoration can replace a single missing tooth or accomplish full mouth rehabilitation.  Dental problems and worn teeth make you look older than your actual age.  At Oakridge Dental Center (, Dr. Obeid  specializes in full mouth restoration.  He can reestablish the normal contour of your face and minimize the saggy expression caused by missing teeth.

Dr. Obeid uses laser cavity detection to pinpoint cavities. Lasers are also used to contour gum tissue, eradicate bacteria and even desensitize teeth.  With our advanced techniques, you will experience faster recovery times and less discomfort.  We can rejuvenate your smile in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.